a Mystery

60 Minutes to solve it!


An experience you will never forget!

What is an Escape Room?

An "escape room" is a live group game in which a group must solve tasks or puzzles surrounding a mysterious story within a given time in a real room. This can only be achieved with logical thinking, lots of creativity and good teamwork. Escape Rooms have become increasingly popular around the world since 2007, and now we bring this experience to Merano.

Be the first to solve the mystery

Don't now how to pass this evening? Until 24 hours before you can book our escape room! Very straightforward via our booking portal. Look, maybe there is still a time-slot free! And of course you can email us for requests for games outside our opening hours or give us a call!

We actively support volunteering: if your game group is made up entirely of volunteers, you pay one less person! You can read the details when booking.

OUR rooms

The lost manuscript

It could be the solution to one of mankind's greatest secrets: the lost manuscript. For centuries, the decoding of the so called Voynich manuscript is being worked on - but so far without success. But perhaps the key lies in an old, abandoned monastery of the Congregatio Jesu in the center of Merano. Accept the challenge, search the ancient walls and find the missing pages of the Voynich manuscript.

The Cube - LEVEL 1

(Coming soon)

That waits for you!

  • Two extraordinary stories with local reference - you can only experience them with us!
  • The unique location in a real church!
  • Company celebrations and parties on site with our mobile "Beat-The-Box" games.
  • Professional teambuilding with experienced coaches.




Piazza Rena 16, Sacred Heart Church

39012 Merano


Email: exit-games@capacitas.bz

Telephone: +39 389 0250077


Thursday 2pm - 8pm

Friday 2pm - 10pm
Saturday 10am - 11pm


Unfortunately, our rooms are not handicapped accessible due to the old structure. We regret this restriction!

* On 5 October we raffle among all participants who have sent us the correct answer 5 admission vouchers for 4 people. The legal process is excluded!